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Our accounts 

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Transparent and meticulous management: in 2023, AFM-Telethon committed €93.5 M to its social missions, in addition to €6.9 M in advances and investment for the Cure mission.  

Breakdown of activities in 2023

In 2023, the total for AFM-Telethon’s business, including all funding (from public generosity or otherwise) stood at €117 M, of which €93.5 M was devoted to its social missions; Cure, Care and Communicate (communication linked to social missions). 

In detail, activities were financed as follows:  

  • €53.3 M for the Cure mission: Institute for rare disease biotherapies (Genethon, the Institute of Myology, I-Stem), therapeutic trials, calls for proposals, international programs and strategic programs.  

  • €37.6 M for the Care mission: multidisciplinary consultations, establishment of treatment, regional services, technological innovations, development of innovative technical aids, family days, industrial action, the rare diseases platform...  

  • €2.6 M for the Communicate mission: the Geocentre conference center, VLM (the Association's magazine), websites, information documents, dissemination of scientific and medical information to the media, laboratory visits...  

    • + €6.9 M in the form of advances and investments for the Cure mission. Advances and investments in research representing a strategic action from our Association appear in addition to the key figures (in addition to the 44.6 million euros).  

In 2023, the Association also devoted the following:  

  • €12.9 M for collection fees: release of pledges and tax receipts, processing of gifts and bequests, help with production of the 30 program hours, set-up of 36 37 phone call centers and internet fundraising, coordination, equipment and logistics for Telethon coordinators.  

  • €10.6 M for management fees: annual general meeting, financial communication, operation of association bodies, management services, etc.  

Origin of revenues in 2023  

In 2023, revenues for AFM-Telethon reached €124.1 M, 88% of which came from public generosity (€92.9 M from the Telethon). 

A look at how Public Generosity funds are used  

Our €93.5 M in social missions presented above also includes activities not financed by Public Generosity, particularly activities of the Yolaine de Kepper establishment, which are financed by public funds.  

Meticulous management of donations 

Starting with the first Telethon, AFM-Telethon committed to fully transparent reporting on the use of donations and its actions.  

The accounts are made public each year. They can be accessed online and are disseminated widely. The Association also answers individuals questions from donors. Since 2000 they have been provided with a dedicated line: the direct donors line number at +33 825 07 90 95 (€0.15 incl. tax per minute).  

Discover AFM-Telethon's key figures and an overview of its actions in the Cure through Innovation booklet (Coming soon)