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Our actions

AFM-Telethon takes action in various fields, from research, development and bioproduction of innovative therapies for rare diseases to care for patients and their relatives. The association also advocates to defend patients’ rights and takes part in international activities. Discover our actions to fight disease.

AFM-Telethon's laboratories

Our labs

To accelerate the development of innovative treatments for rare diseases, the AFM-Telethon has created its own laboratories. Devoted to gene therapy of rare diseases (Genethon), to stem cells (I-Stem) and to myology (Institute of myology), they are now international leaders in their field. Located within the Institute for rare disease biotherapies, the Association’s three laboratories play a major role in the medical revolution.   

AFM-Telethon's support for research on rare genetic diseases

Our support for research

Treatments and therapeutic innovation are born out of the knowledge of genes and the understanding of the mechanisms causing disease. Beyond its three pioneering laboratories combined within the Biotherapies Institute for rare diseases, AFM-Telethon has been developing collaborations for many years with scientists from all over the world.

AFM-Telethon's commitment to innovation to speed up the development of innovative biotherapies

Our commitment to innovation

Encouraging innovation, creating pathways between academic research and private research, supporting those involved in developing the drug: the AFM-Telethon is investing to speed up the arrival of innovative biotherapies. 

AFM-Telethon's actions to support patients and their relatives

Our actions to support patients 

AFM-Telethon is battling on all fronts, from access to diagnosis and appropriate treatment to close support, giving priority to the search for innovative solutions and a response to the needs of patients. 

AFM-Telethon's activities to strengthen the place of patients in Europe and worldwide

Our international activities

AFM-Telethon puts the power of patients at the core of its international activities, with the aim of strengthening the place of French neuromuscular patients in Europe and in the world.