Families and researchers are counting on you !

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Thanks to your donations, research is moving forwards, the first treatments have arrived and care and support for people affected by rare diseases has improved. Your donations drive the victories of AFM-Telethon!  

Donations are a crucial form of support 

When you make a donation you join a chain of solidarity that’s unique in the world.   

What drives us? You, and the Telethon  
You embody this unique commitment that nothing can break... If children are recovering, if patients awaiting treatment and parents find the strength to smile, to keep fighting and move forwards, it’s thanks to each one of you.   

And it’s just a beginning. A new era has begun and could not have happened without your incredible solidarity. Today hope is becoming reality. And in the future we will face the storms together and achieve the victories for all those awaiting them.  

Your solidarity is vital for us to continue these fights!  

Who can make a donation?  

Individuals as well as companies can make a donation to the associations. When they have public utility status, like AFM-Telethon, this donation can be partly written off against taxes.

Transparency, AFM-Telethon is committed

Regardless of which payment method you choose, AFM-Telethon is committed to making its accounts public in full transparency. This is a priority that guarantees the careful use of all donations given to us.  

Read: more information on our accounts

For any questions about your donation and how it will be used, call our direct donor line at +33 825 07 90 95 (in France only, 0.15 euros per minute).