Families and researchers are counting on you !

What is the Telethon ?

The Telethon, it’s a TV program combined with an exceptional momentum that gathers thousands of participants throughout France and overseas departments, that gives AFM-Telethon the means to continue its fight against disease.

AFM-Telethon-histoiry-French-Telethon: A look at the origins of a unique event in terms of participation and fundraising.  

History of the Telethon

Created in 1987 at the initiative of Bernard Barataud and Pierre Birambeau, both fathers of sons suffering grom Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the Telethon combines, since its first edition, a TV program and dozen of thousands of events throughout France. Discover the birth of this unique fundraising event.  

AFM-Telethon-Telethon-TV-program: Since 1987, the Telethon is a TV marathon lasting around thirty hours and broadcast on the France Télévisions TV channels.

The TV program

Since 1987, the Telethon is a nearly thirty hours TV program broadcasted on the France Télévisions' channels. Discover all the ingrediants of the TV show.

AFM-Telethon_volunteer-involved-Telethon: At each Telethon, thousands of volunteers and partners join forces.

People coming together

At each Telethon, thousands of volunteers and partners join forces to organize fundraising initiatives all over France and abroad. This participation is unique by its sheer scale.