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At each Telethon, thousands of volunteers and partners join forces to organize fundraising initiatives all over France and abroad. This participation is unique by its sheer scale.

The Telethon sees thousands of volunteers participate 

On the first weekend of December each year, there is a unique momentum that draws thousands of volunteers and partners who organize events for the Telethon all over France, including overseas territories. Thanks to their participation and to the generosity of donors, the Telethon gives AFM-Telethon the means to continue its fight against disease and fulfil its missions throughout the year.  

Almost 20,000 events are organized each year by volunteers throughout France and abroad, and close to 100 partners take part in the Telethon.  

On the ground, volunteers display their motivation and inventiveness as they offer thousands of initiatives, each one more supportive than the last. The events may be food or sport-related, festive or plain goofy, but they all symbolize the supportive spirit of the Telethon.

Since it was created in 1987, the Telethon is the most beautiful example of civil engagement. It’s about the opportunity for everyone to help, to make things better, to become a party to research, to join forces with patients and their families and display solidarity and support.  

The Telethon for French overseas, an event that crosses borders  

All over the world, expatriate French citizens step up to spread the word about the Telethon outside France and its overseas territories. Sporting challenges, dinners and charity galas, contests of all descriptions... Each year around one hundred events are organized in some twenty countries around the world to benefit the Telethon.  

Are you an expatriate who would like to join the Telethon for French overseas? 

More information on the Telethon for French people abroad

The digital Telethon  

The Telethon also has a digital presence:  

  • Telethon Gaming brings together players for online games and challenges on the Twitch platform  
  • The Telethon Challenge is for influencers to post original and interactive challenges on social media  
  • a live YouTube and Twitch broadcast takes place during the Telethon, putting families and researchers in the spotlight