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A strategy of general interest

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AFM-Telethon has chosen to implement a strategy of public interest to benefit as many people as possible.  

Because neuromuscular diseases...

... affect the muscle and the motor neuron  

AFM-Telethon acts to promote myology, the science and medicine of muscles, to treat diseased muscles but also muscles in all conditions (healthy, injured, ageing) 

... are mostly of genetic origin  

AFM-Telethon has developed dedicated research tools that have changed medicine: from the human genome maps produced by Genethon and customized medicine to the creation of DNA Banks, the discovery of the genes responsible for hundreds of pathologies and access to genetic counseling and diagnosis   

... are chronic and disabling diseases  

AFM-Telethon fights for recognition of the right to support to promote health autonomy for all those living with a chronic, progressive and disabling disease.  

... are diseases that cause disability   

AFM-Telethon fights to foster the inclusion of people with disabilities into society and to facilitate independent life. It defends the right to schooling in an ordinary setting, the right to training and employment and fully paid access to disability systems.  

... are rare diseases  

AFM-Telethon is committed to ensuring that rarity is a permanent taken into account in public health policies.  It has also helped to create the rare diseases platform, a unique resource center in Europe, and has driven the instigation of national rare disease plans.  

... currently have no treatment (for 95% of them)  

AFM-Telethon is a major player in the development of innovative therapies through its laboratories (Genethon, I-Stem, Institute of Myology) and its support for therapeutic innovation in all its forms.