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The Généthon laboratory, gene therapy pioneer, is 30 years old!

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Actu généthon 30 ans

Généthon, a unique scientific and human adventure, turns 30 this year. Created by a patient organization and funded by the Téléthon, this laboratory has put France at the forefront of genome exploration and of the gene therapy revolution.

Inaugurated on December 8th, 1990, Généthon celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Since its creation, this AFM-Telethon laboratory has taken on major challenges and has innovated at every step of the journey to medicine development: from the publication of the human genome maps to the first gene therapy medicines. Today, this one of a kind laboratory has won its bet: gene therapy has achieved multiple successes.

“Today, Généthon is amongst the world leaders of the ongoing gene therapy revolution. Its researches led to the first effective gene therapies for blood, immune system, eye and now muscle diseases. Our laboratory symbolizes what our country can do best when it mobilizes researchers’ creativity, builders’ boldness, families’ fighting spirit and popular support”, said Laurence Tiennot-Herment, President of AFM-Téléthon and of Généthon.

Today, this laboratory has succeeded in its gamble: gene therapy is multiplying success!
A first gene therapy drug integrating technologies resulting from pioneering research led in Genethon, Zolgensma®, is available in the United States and in France for spinal muscular atrophy, a severe neuromuscular condition previously regarded as incurable. And seven other drug candidates developed by Généthon, alone or in collaboration with others, are subject to clinical trials around the globe. 

“« Généthon played a decisive role in the emergence of gene therapy and the demonstration of its effectiveness. Our multiple areas of expertise – from product design, production, regulatory affairs, and setting up of clinical trials – and our rich pipeline make Généthon one of the world leaders for gene therapy. Our goal is to continue to innovate for the gene therapy of tomorrow, to enhance its effectiveness, to treat more patients and to multiply victories for rare diseases considered as incurable”, said Frédéric Revah, Chief Executive Officer of Généthon.”, related Frédéric Revah, Chief Executive Officer of Généthon.
The gene therapy revolution is ongoing and Généthon is one of its world leaders