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Myology 2022 and MitoNice 2022: the program is available!

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From September 12 to 17th, AFM-Telethon will hold two successive scientific congresses gathering close to 1000 international experts on myology and mitochondrial medicine at the Nice Acropolis Convention Centre. Registrations are open!

Myology 2022: September 12-16th – International Myology Congress: under the co-presidency of Elizabeth McNally (Chicago), heart muscle specialist, and Shahraghim Tajbakhsh (Paris), specialist in muscle biology, close to 800 myology experts from around the world will take stock of the latest research developments on muscle, muscle disorders, available innovative treatments, therapies under development, as well as current challenges, including in the field of gene therapy. 

MitoNice 2022: September 16-17th – International Congress dedicated to Mitochondrial Medicine: since mitochondria are energy generators within all our cells, mitochondrial dysfunctions are responsible for a large variety of diseases, affecting one’s muscles but also their eyesight, brain, metabolism, immune system… They alone form their own system with their own DNA and biological complexity.

In Nice, more than 200 international experts in this expanding field will share the latest research developments, with the emergence of the first innovative therapies for these diseases. Véronique Paquis (Nice) and Valerio Carelli (Bologna) will chair this congress. 

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Registrations are open