Families and researchers are counting on you !

Protagonists of a medical revolution, researchers testify 

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Their determination and expertise are at the origin of great scientific advances and major victories. Thanks to the researchers in the Telethon laboratories, children suffering from formerly incurable diseases have been saved. 

For more than 30 years, the AFM-Téléthon has funded hundreds of researchers around the world and established its own laboratories. Today, the first medicines are saving the lives of children suffering from rare diseases and these innovative treatments also benefit more common diseases. A medical revolution is underway!

"If someone had told me that one day we would save children with type 1 spinal muscular atrophy, I would not have believed it, even though I am a scientist," says Frédéric Revah, Director of Genethon.

"Research is progressing for many diseases, including diseases that were considered incurable. (...) We have been working on Duchenne muscular dystrophy for decades; it is the emblematic disease of the Telethon. We have never been so close to finding a cure for this disease, there are several clinical trials in the world" says Serge Braun, Scientific Director of the AFM-Telethon.

Thanks to you and to everyone's commitment, their research can continue for all those who are still waiting for a treatment.