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Our commitment to innovation

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Encouraging innovation, creating pathways between academic research and private research, supporting those involved in developing the drug: AFM-Telethon is investing to speed up the arrival of innovative biotherapies. 

Supporting creation of start-ups with a seed fund   

Created in 2013 by AFM-Telethon and BpiFrance (the French public investment bank), the seed fund “Innovative biotherapies and rare diseases” invests in biotechnology companies that develop innovative therapeutic approaches to treat rare diseases and offer new perspectives for more common diseases.   

Seven biotechnology companies have received this investment: GenSight Biologics, Adverum Biotechnologies, Step Pharma, Sparing Vision, Orphalan, Dynacure, Ribogenics.   

Several products developed by some of them have already been approved in several rare diseases. This is the case for example of GenSight Biologics, which obtained temporary authorization for use in France for its gene therapy for Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, a rare disease of the sight, and filed a request for marketing authorization in Europe and the United States.

Guaranteeing the safety of gene therapy drugs  

Created in 2004 by AFM-Telethon and Genethon, GenoSafe is a service company that operates at several essential stages in the development of innovative drugs. It performs analytical tests to assess quality, safety, effectiveness and tolerance.   

GenoSafe also provides support to its clients throughout the development of their products, from proof of concept to marketing authorization, in accordance with regulatory requirements. Today GenoSafe has 45 employees and 70% of its clients are overseas.

Producing gene therapy drugs  

To speed up the development of innovative treatments, AFM-Telethon, in partnership with BpiFrance, created YposKesian industrial platform devoted entirely to the production of gene therapy drugs in France.   

This platform serves an important purpose, namely providing skills and expertise in bioproduction in France to meet the needs generated by the rising number of gene therapy trials and treatments.  

    Yposkesi boasts: 

    •  5,000 sq. m. of production laboratory space  
    • Almost 200 experts in analytic process development, production and support functions