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Committed to scientific research as well as to supporting patients and their families, AFM-Telethon acts independently, guided by the urgency of the progressive disease for the benefit of patients. Three missions are at the heart of its commitment.   


Curing neuromuscular diseases, rare, progressive and significantly disabling diseases, is the Association’s primary mission. To reach its goal, AFM-Telethon chose to implement a strategy of innovation and public interest to benefit all rare diseases as well as the most common diseases. The Association creates and develops its own laboratories and tools that further the understanding of diseases, the development of innovative therapies derived from knowledge of genes and cells and their application in humans. Its principles for action are innovation and therapeutic effectiveness. 

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Our figth to cure

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Reducing disabilities caused by disease means helping patients and their families to live their lives while awaiting treatments. With this goal in mind, AFM-Telethon is battling on all fronts, from access to diagnosis and appropriate treatment to close support, giving priority to the search for innovative solutions and a response to the needs of patients.  

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AFM-Telethon has always considered communication to be a crucial and vital tool in its fight. The Communicate mission aims to improve knowledge of rare diseases, long ignored and even misunderstood, to share and explain progress in research as well as therapeutic progress. It also aims to convey the voices of patients and get people involved to further the fight.  

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